Fountain Installation and Service


 Aqua Lawn has many different styles of fountains and aerating units to choose from.  Our technicians are able to diagnose and repair most brands depending on material availability.  Give us a call today and let us help you turn your  “algae stricken” pond into a beautiful focal point of your property.


Irrigation Installation

Aqua Lawn Irrigation will install your irrigation system based on an “industry code” of “head to head” coverage.  This significantly decreases the chances that you will have dry spots in your yard and will provide an even coverage throughout to avoid over watering and uneven growing patterns in your lawn.  We utilize Spray and Drip technology in Landscape Irrigations depending on the type and amount of plantings.


Revamp an Old System 

Systems installed prior to 2005 may not have utilized “head to Head” coverage and you may be struggling with pulling out the hose to water those dry areas.  A common practice on many residential systems in the “Curb Strip” was to align the heads along the sidewalk and spray towards the street.  This often times caused dry areas along the curb.  We use a “Triangulating” spacing which installs heads both along the curb and the walk in order to eliminate this from occurring.  We can fix any of these concerns as well as any other concerns you have with an older system.


Problem Solving Existing Systems


Our technicians are trained to diagnose problems that periodically occur in your system. Loss of pressure, zone failures, controller faults and device failures (pumps & backflow devices) are some common issues that we can resolve in a timely manner.

Adding onto Existing Systems


Added a new landscape bed, converted a lawn area into landscape or a landscape area into a lawn or just want to add more lawn areas to your existing system, we can do all of this and more! No job is too small so call us with your thoughts and we will help you meet all your watering needs.

Back Flow Testing


Check to make sure the backflow prevention device is working properly to ensure the drinking water is safe from yard chemicals.

Seasonal Adjustments


Over the approximately 5 months of watering the climate changes quite drastically. In order to maintain that pristine look in your yard throughout the season it is quite necessary to adjust your watering times and durations as the weather changes. The amount of water needed in the spring is very different than the amount of watering that is needed in the summer and the fall can also offer challenges with the weather. Watering needs to be regulated so that you are not wasting water and MONEY overwatering.



Check meter, turn system on, and adjust heads where needed, check system for leaks, damage, or faulty devices and reset/program clock.

Includes removing 90-100% of existing water in the lines to prevent lines and heads from freezing and cracking. Check for any leaks, damage of faulty devices for spring maintenance and shut off system.